North Conway’s Favorite Hole In The Wall

Tasty short rib tacos at Delaney's Hole in the Wall in North Conway, NH.

The Essential Sports Bar For Locals and Vacationers in North Conway

Husband and wife Dick and Lanette Delaney, along with Dick’s sister Mary Ellen Delaney, opened Delaney’s Hole In The Wall back in 1994. North Conway’s changed a lot since then- the addition of Settler’s Green has made it a year-round destination for tax-free shopping. “Summer’s actually our busiest season,” Lanette says. Dick’s grateful for the growth, but for him, North Conway’s best feature is the access to New Hampshire’s stunning lakes and mountains. Dick says, “The nice thing about it [North Conway] is, in 10 or 15 minutes you can be in the middle-of-nowhere, you can be in what I consider New Hampshire. And that’s really special.”

A bartender working hard through the lunch rush at Delaney's.
A bartender working hard through the lunch rush at Delaney’s.

Lanette agrees, “As the city [Boston] gets more and more crazy, people know that they can be here in three hours. A place that they can finally relax.” When those relaxation-seekers want to catch the big game, they know exactly where to go: Delaney’s.

For Dick, the essence of a sports bar is “the camaraderie of being with other like-minded sports fans and enjoying a game together and just having a good time.” He remembers the night the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, “To win those four games, and those were late nights, this place was stuffed. That whole thing was the best. That’s what I envisioned when I got into the business.”

From-scratch food with fresh flavors

Of course, no sports bar would be complete without great food. Fan-favorites like their award-winning chicken wings, pizza, and burgers have staying power, but the modern, internationally influenced cuisine on the menu really makes Delaney’s a stand out success. The Thai-inspired short rib tacos, Ahi tuna poke bowl, and a huge sushi menu are sure to please even the most discerning foodies with bright, fresh flavor.

Lanette takes great pride in the quality of their food, all of it made from scratch. “People notice that now, because there’s so many chains where everything is pre-packaged. And I think people really notice when it is still homemade,” she says. Lanette and Dick credit staff, including the chef and assistant chef who’ve been with Delaney’s for over 20 years, for their high-quality food. “Our staff is unbelievable. When they see us work hard, they work hard. That’s why we’re a lot like a family here, because everyone’s on the same level of respect,” Lanette says.

Keeping it in the community

When you visit North Conway’s favorite hole-in-the-wall, keep an eye out for the bright yellow Valley Originals flag outside. Dick is the current president of the Valley Originals, a collective of Valley restaurant owners which began as a response to national chains moving in. The Valley Originals have since become known for their commitment to giving back. They support local charities, including Jen’s Friends, which supports cancer patients and families struggling financially in the Mt. Washington Valley.

Owners Lanette and Dick Delaney, pictured in front of Delaney's massive collection of sports paraphernalia.
Owners Lanette and Dick Delaney, pictured in front of Delaney’s collection of sports paraphernalia. Owner Mary Ellen Delaney was not present at the time of the interview.

The Valley Originals also work closely with the culinary program at Kennett High School. “We support that program so we really have the inside track on hiring these kids, mentoring these kids, it’s been a really nice partnership,” Dick says.

Every spring, the Valley Originals donate food for a fundraising event that supports the culinary program and the Key Club. Lanette says, “They [culinary students] come up with a menu, and they cook it, serve it…it’s a really nice fundraiser and you get to see the kids in the program do what they like to do.” “We’re making an impact and that’s a nice thing,” Dick concludes.

Delaney’s Hole in the Wall is located at 2966 White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH. Open every day at 11:30am for lunch, dinner 4pm-10pm Sunday through Thursday, 4pm-11pm Friday and Saturday.











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