Top 7 Haunted New Hampshire Inns, Taverns, & Hotels

Scare up some fun at these haunted New Hampshire locations.

Haunted New Hampshire

Want to sip some spirits beside a spirit? Shoot pool with a poltergeist? While we can’t guarantee anything paranormal, you can certainly scare up a good time at these haunted New Hampshire spots.

Margaritas Concord

Located in the former Concord Police Headquarters and Jail, Margaritas at Bicentennial Square is rumored to be haunted by a mischievous ghost. Dubbed ‘George’ by locals and staff, guests should keep an eye on their drinks. George is known for moving chairs, drinking beverages, and throwing food.

Lou's Restaurant and Cafe in Hanover, NH is rumored to be haunted. Ghost not pictured.
Lou’s Restaurant and Cafe in Hanover, NH is rumored to be haunted. Ghost not pictured.

Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery

Rumor has it that Lou’s is haunted by the ghost of a former chef named Frenchy. Frenchy passed away in the restaurant just after setting up his line for a 6am opening. He’s known for playing tricks on staff, including setting off the motion detector lights.

Three Chimneys Inn

Even without the haunting rumors, the Three Chimneys Inn has a fascinating history. Built in 1649, the house survived a 1694 attack by Native Americans that left many homes destroyed. During the Revolutionary War, the house became a secret munitions cache for Revolutionary troops. Now a popular Seacoast inn and tavern, stories of hauntings point towards a mischievous, but not malevolent spirit.

Staff and visitors report hearing furniture move in rooms above them, only to discover the room empty. A chef once heard a disembodied voice wish him “Good morning” while he prepped breakfast alone. He returned the greeting, and then realized no one was there. The inn boasts 23 guest rooms, showing original millwork and exposed beams, and the tavern is open nightly from 5-9pm, serving farm-to-table New England fare.

The Tilton Inn & Onions Pub

This Lakes Region inn has burnt down three times since it was built in 1875. One of these fires is said to responsible for claiming the life of the inn’s ghost, a 12 year old girl named Laura. Guests have reported seeing the apparition of a young girl roaming the halls, and doors opening and closing on their own. The Tilton Inn was even investigated by TAPS, a paranormal investigation team that starred in the TV show Ghost Hunters. The inn offers 10 rooms, and Onions Pub is open for lunch and dinner daily, with an eclectic menu of Bermuda and British inspired food.

Mrs. Carolyn Foster Stickney, full-length portrait, standing, facing right, dressed as Lady Liberty for the Jekyll Island Club costume ball, January 16, 1911
A portrait of Carolyn Stickney, dressed as Lady Liberty for a costume ball. Her ghost is rumored to haunt the Omni Mount Washington Hotel. Photo via Library of Congress.

Nutmeg Inn

A benevolent (and rather handy) spirit named Charlie is rumored to haunt the historic Nutmeg Inn. Built in 1763, the inn has served as a working farm, a boarding school, and a stop for runaway slaves on the underground railroad. A former innkeeper reported the mysterious appearance of an electrical outlet exactly where she’d wanted to put one in, after getting two estimates on the project that put it out of her budget. The current innkeeper received some unexpected assistance while fitting wood paneling. He returned to find someone had re-positioned his router to make the job go much faster. The Nutmeg Inn has eight rooms and two suites for guests, including a converted maple sugaring house.

Omni Mount Washington Hotel

Built in 1902, this luxury hotel is rumored to be haunted by Carolyn Stickney, widow to Joseph Stickney. Joseph died a year after completing his hotel. Her ghost is said to linger on the balcony and descend the grand staircase dressed for dinner, but her favorite “haunt” is her former apartment, room 314. Guests claim to have woken up to see a woman seated on the end of the bed! The rumors of her haunting were so intriguing that the Omni Mount Washington also became the subject of a Ghost Hunters investigation. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the comforts expected of a grand hotel, and even dine in the Princess Lounge, the former private dining room of Carolyn Stickney.

Strange Brew Tavern in Manchester lives up to its name-lots of craft beer options and a mysterious basement ghost who picks fights with male staff members.
Strange Brew Tavern in Manchester lives up to its name-lots of craft beer options and a mysterious basement ghost who picks fights with male staff members.

Strange Brew Tavern

This Manchester tavern, a long-time favorite of craft beer fans, is home to two ghosts. There’s a male presence in the basement and kitchen known to shove male staff members. A psychic called in by the owners described the presence as a trouble-maker, a guy who likes to start fights. A bartender reported once seeing a pan fly off a hook and sail across the room before falling. Owner Dee says she’s heard the second ghost, a restless woman, walking about in the games room while she’s working in the office below. That ghost is rumored to be fond of moving the pool balls, so if you miss a shot, blame it on the ghost!

Debunked! The Beal House Inn

Rumors of ghostly hauntings at the Beal House Inn were all over the web, but current owners say it’s been quiet as long as they’ve owned it. “We haven’t had any personal experiences in the nearly two years that we have owned The Beal House and people who come for that reason tend to leave disappointed,” says owner Lori Alderin. Pro tip: don’t go to The Beal House for ghosts, go for a classic New England retreat and top-notch food.