Historic New Hampshire Hotels & Restaurants


It’s true what they say, things do get better with age.

Some of the oldest operating restaurants and hotels call New Hampshire home. Plan your visit to location sealed in the history of the state and the past.


The Hancock Inn & Fox Tavern

One of the oldest operating inns in the country is the Hancock Inn.
The Hancock Inn is one of the oldest operating inns in the country.

The oldest inn in New Hampshire, The Hancock Inn was established in 1789. For a bit of perspective George Washington, was still in the first year of his presidency. The inn honors the authenticity of it’s time, while incorporating modern amenities into its operations today. Grab a bite to eat in either the Inn’s Dining Room or the Fox Tavern. Both options serve unbelievable unique experiences. The Dining Room features French-inspired cuisine with locally sourced ingredients that embodies a world-class dining experience. Named after Jedidiah Fox, the founder of the Inn’s son-in-law, the eatery embraces its history and pub atmosphere with traditional selections.

Location: 33 Main Street | Hancock, NH | 03449


The Puritan Backroom Restaurant

The Puritan Backroom serves the tastiest of mudslides and chicken tenders in New Hampshire.
Yum! Order a frozen mudslide and chicken tenders to completely experience the charm of the Puritan Backroom.

With legendary Chicken Fingers and Mudslides, The Puritan Backroom Restaurant is a legendary location in New Hampshire. Family-owned and operated, the restaurant first opened it’s doors way back in 1917 by Greek immigrant owners. Expansions have been completed over the years to now include a large conference center fit for all private parties and events. The restaurant offers up more than just chicken. Grab yourself a scoop of ice cream from the Puritan’s Ice Cream outdoor/indoor window that lets you brave the winter cold.

Location: 245 Hooksett Road | Manchester, NH | 03104


Omni Mount Washington Resort

Visit the Omni Mount Washington Resort and find grand ballrooms and lavish decor.
Grand ballrooms and lavish decor is found at the Omni Mount Washington Resort.

The Omni Mount Washington Resort is settled among the White Mountains and built upon a foundation of royal history and area revitalization. The Mount Washington Hotel was built by Joseph Stickney and opened in 1902. Upon Stickney’s death, his wife Carolyn Stickney, inherited the establishment. She went on to marry Prince Lucinge of France, who later died in World War I. Princess Carolyn operated the Mount Washington until her passing in the 1930’s. Celebrity guests like Thomas Edison and three U.S. Presidents have made visits to the Resort, which hosted the 1944 Monetary Conference that set the gold standard.

Location: 301 Mount Washington Hotel Road | Bretton Woods, NH | 03575


The Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

For a view only found in New Hampshire, visit the Mountain View Grand.
Visit the Mountain View Grand and take in a view only found in New Hampshire.

The beginnings of the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa happen by chance and good fortune. The story of the Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa began in 1865 when two travelers from Montreal to Boston had their stage-coach overturned. The seclusion of the North Country did not provide a solution to their accident, so they were pointed in the direction of a farmhouse for overnight lodging. William and Mary Jane Dodge welcomed the stranded guests to their estate with open arms. The weary travelers never did leave, as they would be forever captivated by the hospitality of the Dodge’s and the untouched quality of the world around them. The Inn officially opened in 1866 and would become its current namesake in the 1970’s. The Grand still welcomes visitors in search of hospitality and the New Hampshire spirit the resort was built upon.

Location: 101 Mountain View Road | Whitefield, NH | 03598


The Wentworth

The history of The Wentworth is grand and stunning.
Built as a wedding gift, The Wentworth is grand and stunning in history.

A love story birthed the beginning of The Wentworth in Jackson, NH. On November 30, 1869, General Marshall Wentworth wrote a letter of intent to Joshua Trickley, asking that he is given his daughter, Georgia Trickley’s hand in marriage. After the delivery of this letter and marriage proposal, Trickley built The Wentworth as a wedding gift to his daughter and future son-in-law. The letter is still displayed on site at the hotel in remembrance of the love and family that started it all.

Location: 1 Carter Notch Road | Jackson, NH | 03846


The Old Salt Restaurant & Lamie’s Inn

Dating back to the 1700's, The Old Salt and Lamie's Inn embodies colonial America.
The Old Salt and Lamie’s Inn embodies colonial America times dating back to the 1700’s.

Built in the 1700’s colonial America, Lamie’s Inn welcomed traveling guests that desired comfortable accommodations. The Family-owned and operated Inn still delivers upon it’s promise of historical preservation with colonial decor and hospitality. Evolving over the years, the property invites diners to eat at The Old Salt Restaurant. Serving up exemplary seafood has become their specialty while serving guests for more than 30 years.

Location: 490 Lafayette Road (Route 1) | Hampton, NH | 03842

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