Sunday, September 25, 2022
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    Shopper’s Pub and Eatery Grand Opening!

    There’s a new sports bar and restaurant in Manchester – modern, industrial, and steeped in history – and we recently spent an afternoon there sampling food and drinks while the greatest soccer team in the world defeated England in the World Cup semi-finals. (What a game!)

    shopper's pub logo

    Shopper’s Pub and Eatery at Indian Head is located on prime Manchester real estate, right across from SNHU Arena, on the corner of Lake Street and Elm. Walking in, we immediately loved the way it balances a clean, open feel with the comfort of a sports bar.

    For anyone who grew up in the Manchester area shopping at Indian Health Athletics, the store formerly in this location, you’ll be happy to see nods to the beloved sports outfitter incorporated throughout the renovated space.  

    shopper's pub

    We grabbed two seats at the bar to watch the future four-time World Cup Champions, the U.S. National women’s team, play their semi-final game. ⚽?

    shopper's pub tap

    Then, I accidentally spilled my entire glass of water over the bar like an idiot.

    I swear it was because the bar was so smooth and shiny, and not because I don’t know how to pick up a glass and move it.

    shopper's pub drinks

    But on the plus side, this is how I learned about one of Shopper’s unique features: a self-serve water fountain. Great for people who don’t like to wait for refills or who carry around their own water bottle to cut down on waste.

    shopper's pub water fountain

    After drinks came the tough time – deciding on food. You know when you’re in the mood for anything? We went back and forth between Shopper’s huge selection of food choices. Finally, we settled on the Jammed burger because of its bacon-bourbon jam. (The sweet potato fries are an attempt to be healthy…)

    shopper's pub burger

    Overall, the menu is a great selection of classic salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, entrees, and appetizers; all at reasonable prices. Which only makes it harder to choose!

    shopper's pub sour beer
    Cruising Elm from Ancient Fire Mead & Cider. Made in Manchester!

    It’s great to have a new space anchoring Elm Street. We can’t wait to walk over from the arena after a game or concert, and it’s nice to have such a comfortable space to watch sports. And eat good food. Did I mention how good that bacon-bourbon jam was?

    Shopper’s Pub and Eatery at Indian Head is now open on 18 Lake Avenue, Manchester NH. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.